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Bonded Warehouse

In our two-storey warehouse with 5.000 m² type A general warehousing, 3.500 m² free storage area and also 7.000 m2 open area; a truck can be unloaded in about 15 minutes while we can process 10 vehicles at the warehouse for loading and unloading operations. Documents of customers such as loading and unloading operations are also completed quickly and necessary precautions are taken to minimize the error margin. In addition to all input and outputs, the inventory records of the warehouse are also kept on the computer in accordance with the customs legislation and with IP support and under surveillance of 32 cameras by fully authorized personnel.

Sienzi Logistics aims to manage the operation process in the fastest way with its expert staff and it is always in coordination with transporters and customs firms for a fault-free operation.

Commodities which are evacuated in a short time, while not being damaged, are placed in the storage area with care. In our warehouse where digital barcode system is used for faster and error-free management of commodity input and outputs, our professional staff works diligently.

Sienzi Logistics, which has the same dedication in the shipment department, archives the counting log with the IP support after performing the counting according to the customs legislation.